On The Occasion of my 49th Birthday: A Love Poem

Aquarius Sun

Aquarius Moon

Aquarius Rising

I was never meant to follow rules


Bare feet on cool grass and hot pavement

Skinned knees from daredevil play

Face tilted to the sun, arms wide open

Spinning, singing, laughing, yelling, questioning


Quiet, girl.

Put on your shoes.

Stand up straight.

Follow the leader.

Smile and nod.

Shift and change.


Life of the party with drink in hand

Immersed in novels, research, and writing

Wishing to be seen and heard, afraid to speak

Drinking, crying, numbing, laughing, questioning


Quiet, girl.

Shove that down.

Choose a path.

Blend in.

Smile and nod.

Shift and change.


Business suits, heels and hose

Someone’s wife, someone’s mother

Polished and pretty in public, secrets behind closed doors

Hustling, aching, hiding, laughing, questioning


Quiet, girl.

Earn more.

Join the club.

Carry it all.

Smile and nod.

Shift and change.


Swelling with pride as the children grow

Wine-soaked evenings mask growing disdain

Perfect exterior, crumbling behind the curtain

Arguing, covering, lying, gritting, crying, questioning


Quiet, girl.

Head down.

Hold on tight.

Keep the peace.

Smile and nod.

Shift and change.


The moon, the mat and a quiet mind show the way

Embracing the gray and the smile lines

Unraveling the past, weaving the future

Spinning, singing, laughing, yelling, questioning


Speak, girl.

Find your words.

Tell your story.

Teach the world.

Smile and sing.

Ground yourself.


Welcome home.

2 thoughts on “On The Occasion of my 49th Birthday: A Love Poem

  1. May Meredith says:

    You’ve managed to speak the truth for so many of us, and so beautifully, Jennifer Cobb. Happy Birthday and Many, Many Happy Returns!!!


  2. amandawalrod@windstream.net says:

    I saw this on Facebook. For some reason, my email has decided that everything I receive now should go straight to trash. I can’t completely argue with that decision, but there are a few emails that I would actually like to see! I hate arguing with technology.

    This poem is beautiful! It shows the depth of your becoming.

    I am working through my becoming as well, mostly starting with breathing. My friend, Paz, the mean Mexican personal trainer, has opened an amazing new yoga studio and it feels like she did it just for me. A great gift from the universe.

    I’ll be in LR the weekend of February 22nd. We are celebrating my mother’s 80th birthday. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a surprise party…HA!

    Love you!


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